About the Manchester City F.C. – Sierra Leone Support Team

This site is dedicated to informing football enthusiasts about the Manchester City F.C. – Sierra Leone Branch. This is a support football team of the Manchester City F.C. in Manchester UK. While to some, this may be of general interest thinking that it is just a nice way for fans to support their favourite football club, it goes beyond it. The formation of this support club has changed the lives of many of its players in some very important ways. Do not automatically assume that it is about money as you will be shocked to learn in the articles here that the players only earn a few pence per game, and many of them are homeless.

Some of the posts talk about what the Manchester City F.C. Sierra Leone Branch is, and how very important there role is. The site also provides a little history about this support club as well as introduces the Manchester City F.C in Manchester UK to those who may not know how impressive this team really is.

It takes a lot of caring people to make a success story like the one that is attributed to the Manchester City F.C. – Sierra Leone Branch, and there is a post dedicated to these individuals here in the hopes that they will be appreciated for their unselfish contributions.

You are also going to get an opportunity to learn about the interesting story behind the mini bus that was donated to the team, and how it has taken on different roles for the support team.

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