The People Behind the Manchester City F.C. – Sierra Leone Branch

Sierra Leone is a beautiful name for a region but for those who visit the place, they soon become very much aware of the rampant poverty that exists here. At first glance, one will immediately notice the young people mulling the streets, but what no one realise is that many of these young people will not live beyond the age of thirty-eight. The capital city is Freetown and this region has been the victim of an eleven-year-old civil war. One of the most positive thing to happen here for many of the locals was the inception of the Manchester City F.C. – Sierra Leone Branch. There were several key people and a chain of events that brought this support club into existence.

Tony Griffiths

A chance meeting with a young Freetown business man named Armani Sheku Kamara who had a sincere passion for Premier Football, and Tony ended up giving him a City tee shirt. When Tony returned to the UK, he shared the story of Armani’s passion with other avid fans.

Howard Burr and Alex Channon

Both of these gentlemen were secretaries of the two respective branches and were inspired by the experience that Tony had with Armani. These two gents gathered up several City shirts that were kindly donated by fans. To further this, they encouraged the Club to become involved.

Armani Sheku Kamara

Armani became instrumental in forming the Manchester City F.C. – Sierra Leone Branch.

The Club – Gary Cook and Paul Lake.

The Club became pro-active and donated a full kit to this new support team in Freetown.

Phuket Branch

The branch replaced the old shirts that the team had from 2003 with both a home and away kit.

The Group

The group that was formed to support the Manchester City F.C. – Sierra Leone Branch solved the problem of transportation to games in far away places by raising enough money to buy a small coach.

Barclay Signs in Stockport

At no cost to the support team, this company provided the sponsorship logos.